Your Guide to Construction Season: Take Transit!

How do you know it’s summer in Chicago? The beaches fill up, there’s talk of baseball, you start to see people look a little sunburn, and then there is the unmistakable sign that summer is here:  road construction everywhere!

A recent Chicago Tribune editorial even dubbed summertime in Chicago as “Swearing Season” for drivers as they navigate through traffic to the countless of outdoor activities.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

By taking public transportation, you’ll spend less time in traffic, save money on gas, and more importantly— avoid the daily headaches caused by construction projects!

Don’t get us wrong! We are happy to see the roads and bridges of our state and region being improved. We just think you can avoid driving on them while it’s happening.

The next time you’re making a trip to your favorite street festival, an outdoor concert, or spending your day by the lake, the best way to avoid construction is by taking public transit!