RTA Encourages Riders to Show “We Can All Agree on Transit”

Transit is the great equalizer, bringing people together from all across our region. Riders on public transportation save time and money, and non-riders benefit because public transportation in our region means fewer cars on the road. This summer, the RTA and its transit agencies are launching a unifying marketing campaign to focus on the benefits of riding transit. The campaign will focus on how transit unites us and opens doors to economic opportunity for all.

The RTA traditionally promotes transit ridership during the summer months, when the region is flush with outdoor concerts, sporting events, festivals and more.  This year, we are adding a unifying message to its ridership promotion: #WeCanAllAgreeOnTransit.

Short social media posts by the RTA will feature “opposites who agree on transit,” such as “I like jazz and she likes rock ‘n’ roll, but we agree on taking public transportation to the festival,” or “I like the Sox and he likes the Cubs, but we agree on taking public transportation to the game.”

The transit agencies are inviting riders to record their own “opposites can agree” posts or photos with accompanying language that tell their stories.  If you are interested in taking part, please send an email to communications@rtachicago.org.