Infrastructure Week Highlight: Pace’s Priority Projects

The RTA joins CTA, Metra and Pace in participating in National Infrastructure Week this week. This year, National Infrastructure Week coincides with the statewide public transit “Get on Board” campaign, which encourages riders to visit to make their voices heard in support of capital funding to improve transit rides.

In Northeastern Illinois, the regional transit system has a $30 billion need to fund high-priority projects, some of which are pictured here. It’s been a decade since the State of Illinois passed a capital bill. The RTA’s Regional Transit Strategic Plan, Invest in Transit, makes the case for the region’s funding needs calling for annual investment of $2 to $3 billion over the next decade.

These are all real projects – trains, buses, line improvements and signals – that are all up for replacement or renewal in the next 10 years. They are important and impact riders.  Some of them are already underway but none of them are fully funded.

Pace has a one billion dollar need across 21 under-funded projects. These projects range from station improvements to updating their bus fleet. Here’s a few examples:

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