Move Around and Lose a Pound

The RTA is joining forces with 606Eats, a local organization that recommends local restaurants with healthy food choices, to promote healthy living and transit this summer.  Research shows that transit riders are more fit, as they get more exercise each day walking to and from transit stops.

However, not all transit stops are within an easy walk for riders.

The “first and last mile” is a historical barrier to access transit.  In some areas, this need is being met by a growing population of ride hailing vehicles that are causing more congestion on the roads, slowing down the very buses many commuters choose to ride.

From Memorial Day to Labor Day 2018, the RTA and 606Eats are creating an incentive to walk that extra distance, or ride a bicycle or share an existing personal vehicle in a what once was known as a “car pool.”   (Google it; it was a real thing.)

606Eats will make a $1 donation to the charity of the commuter’s choice for every mile covered going to and from a transit stop from May 28 to September 3, using one of these three modes.

In addition, if after 90 days, the rider can attribute 5 pounds of weight loss to the “first/last” mile adjustment, the commuter’s name will be placed in a raffle to win one of 100 pre-loaded $20 transit cards.

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