RTA Chairman Dillard Speaks at City Club: Transit Critical to Regional Economy

It was my pleasure today to hear RTA Chairman Kirk Dillard speak at Chicago’s City Club. Chairman Dillard is a true advocate for more funding for public transportation in our region, and his remarks really hit home with everyone.

He called 2016 the “Year of the Unexpected” and pointed to both the election of President-Elect Trump and the World Series victory of the Cubs as surprises to some.  He also shared the real need for capital funding for transit from legislators in Springfield, where he served as a senator  for more two decades.  He talked of  our aging transit infrastructure juxtaposed to what may be an “unexpected fact”: our region consistently holds the top spot among our peers for the lowest cost per passenger mile.  He spoke of his eternal optimism about our city and region and the fact that public transportation saves us all time and money–and is a magnet for employers and the talent they seek.

Please take a few minutes to view his remarks. We wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving week and remind everyone to Ride On.

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