Don’t miss the fun: take transit!

Tomorrow is the party you don’t want to miss. The one it’s taken us 108 years to get invited to.  The one fathers and sons and mothers and daughters have been waiting to go to for a long time.  So, tomorrow is NOT the day to be stuck in your car in traffic. Tomorrow’s the day to ride our regional transit system to watch the parade and attend the Grant Park rally.  The City of Chicago and CTA and Metra have announced their service plans (and advice) for getting around on this special day.  You can also call the RTA’s Transit Information Center at 836-7000 from anywhere in the RTA region for transit information.

Where and when does the fun start?

The official parade route will start at approximately 11 a.m., leaving Wrigley at approximately 10 a.m., and will travel along Michigan Avenue between Oak St. and Ohio St. and then along Columbus Dr. between Monroe St. and Balbo Ave. Fans who want to catch the downtown parade are encouraged to see them along this route.

Where and when is the rally?

A Celebration Rally will take place at Lower Hutchinson Field in Grant Park at approximately noon, when the motorcade arrives in Grant Park.

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