Would you say intermodal in polite company?


I was pleased to join Mayor Emanuel, Senator Durbin and my transit and transportation colleagues at today’s opening of the Chicago Union Station Transit Center.  Note the phrase “transit center,” which focuses on riders use of the new state-of-the art CTA bus boarding facility that will begin providing service on Sunday.

As Senator Durbin told the crowd, “I hate the phrase intermodal and I’d never use it in polite company. Let’s say transit center.”  I’m with you, Senator.   He went on to point at that Union Station was once a “transportation palace” giving riders an emotional experience when they walked into the great space.

We all agree with Mayor Emanuel who said that the opening of the new transit center is another step in the plan to make Union Station a true transit hub for the City of Chicago.  Mayor Emanuel stated again that before restoration work began, Union Station was “fighting below its weight class,” as a train station that is as busy as Midway Airport every day.

The new off –street bus center, built by the Chicago Department of Transportation, for the CTA, is located along Jackson Blvd., between Canal and Clinton Streets just south of Union Station.