CTA adds accessibility while preserving historic charm to Loop L Station


The inside of the Quincy CTA station, featuring a recreation of the original ticket booth from 1897

As you may have heard, one of Chicago’s oldest rail stations is getting some accessibility upgrades. The CTA announced yesterday that the Quincy L station, featured in such movies as “The Time Traveler’s Wife” and “Eagle Eye,” is going to be adding elevators and new stairs to allow people with disabilities to access the station.

A major focus of the renovations to this historic station will be preserving the feel and style from when it was built in 1897. That’s why riders see a replica of the original ticket booth, recreations of advertisements from the time period and the original wood and metal ornaments.

This station is a wonderful example of Chicago’s transit history and I applaud the CTA for making it easier for all passengers to experience it!