RTA Celebrates Lake County Dial-a-Ride Service during Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Ribbon cutting ceremony_March 1
RTA and Lake County officials celebrate the Ride Lake County Central Pace Dial-a-Ride service during a ribbon cutting ceremony at Mundelein Village Hall.

We are excited to take part in today’s ribbon cutting ceremony for the Ride Lake County Central Pace Dial-a-Ride Service that will provide thousands of trips for Lake County residents. We provided $164,000 from our Section 5310 program toward this program that will help to improve mobility for seniors and people with disabilities. Did you know that more than 30 percent of Lake County residents are seniors and approximately 7.9 percent of residents have some type of disability? And with Lake County’s senior population expected to grow 105% by 2030, you can see how this and other RTA funded programs remain a priority for us to continue to ensure proper mobility for these important members of our community.

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